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Septic Inspection w/Camera

Includes camera scope of lines if possible.

The Septic Inspection includes:

  • Property and Permit Research
  • Locating the septic tank
    • probing
    • e-locator if necessary
  • Uncovering both tank lids
  • Inspecting
    • the septic tank
    • pump tank
    • d. box
    • additional tanks
    • any additional components
    • Drainfield area
  • Camera inspection of system lines
  • Written Report
    • Easy to read
    • Condition of each item
    • Info about the system and each item
    • Full color photos of all items and issues
    • General info on taking care of a septic system

Please note:

  • Not all items will apply to all systems.
  • Items that are inaccessible, appear unsafe, etc may not be tested.
  • Some things cannot be tested due to type of system or condition of system.

Why get a septic inspection?

If you own a home or are looking to buy a home do you know

  • Where the tank is and if its accessible?
  • We often get calls from people who have had their home less than a year and they say “oh the seller said the tank is right here.” When we start locating, the tank is not there.
  • When you are having a problem is a bad time to realize you don’t know where it is, or that its under a patio, shed, etc that has to be removed first.
  • If you haven’t seen it with your own eyes, assume you don’t know where it is.
  • If the system is working properly?
  • There may not be signs of an issue until its too late. Repairs can range from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.
  • If you’re looking to buy a house, know what you are getting.
  • Even if it is working now, there could the beginnings of an issue. Catching and fixing some issues early can save money in the long run.
    • For example, stopping root intrusion is relatively inexpensive. But if the root intrusion is allowed to continue, the roots can damage the tank or the lines, and then they may need replaced.
  • Has the system been properly used and maintained?Has it been pumped? Is it full of fats, oils, and greases? Are there non-biodegradable items?

Pumping at the Septic Inspection?

We offer septic inspections with
or without pumping.
Please see
Septic Inspection: To Pump or Not to Pump
for more information.

Click the above button or call the office for more information on scheduling, process, requirements, springs, etc

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