WNCIL Septic Pump Truck, Inspection Truck

WNC Independent Labs offers

  • Water Testing
  • Radon Testing
  • Well Chlorinations, Inspections
  • Septic Inspections, Pumping, as well as Emergency Septic Service
  • Well and Septic Repairs

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Our focus is working with home owners and home buyers.

Our goal is to help home owners and home buyers make sure their homes and families are healthy. Also, we want them to understand their well and septic systems so that they can keep them that way. As such, our reports contain information about the systems and maintenance and, of course, we are always happy to answer questions.

WNCIL is locally owned/operated in Western North Carolina and holds North Carolina licenses as a Certified:

  • Drinking Water Lab
  • Class A Well Contractor
  • Septic Inspector
  • Septic Installer
  • Septage Management Firm (aka pumper)

As well as being members of

I had WNC come out and pump my septic tank. They were able to schedule me for the next day (they could have done it after-hours the same day, but there was an extra charge associated with that), where as no other company could schedule me for a week. I called around and their prices were very fair, unlike a different company you might know all about. Taylor and Elijah were friendly and professional. My septic is quite old and Taylor gave me good information on what will likely need to be done to the system in the future. As I will likely be needing septic service again, I will definitely call WNC Independent Labs to do the job.

Matthew E


Water Testing

Water Testing

We offer well water testing for homes, mainly for buying/selling. If you are getting an FHA, VA, or USDA loan or refi on a house with well water, we can help!

Radon Testing

Radon Testing

The EPA says that Radon in the air is the 2nd leading cause of cancer. So it is important to have your home tested!


Well and pressure system inspection

Well Inspections


This covers everything above ground at the well head and at the pressure system. We also do a flow test and a recovery test*.


Finally, our typed report is easy to read. Also, the report includes full-color photos of everything inspected. These show the condition of each item. The report and photos make it easy to see what is wrong and ask for repairs.

Septic tank open for inspection

Septic Inspections


The septic inspection includes the tank, drainfield, and any other components*.

Camera Scope Included

In addition, we camera scope the system lines*. This can find breaks or blockages in the lines.


Lastly, the typed report is easy to read. Furthermore, every item inspected will have a full-color photo.

*if accessible, system conditions permit, etc


Clear Glass of Water

Well Chlorination

If your water test comes back with Total Coliform or E. Coli, the EPA says it needs to be treated.

NC says a well contractor should chlorinate a well with either bacteria. As a Certified Well Contractor, this is a service we offer – and we include a Basic Bacteria Water Test after.

Septic Pumping in progress

Septic Pumping

The state of NC recommends pumping during the septic inspection; however, we leave it to the client to decide.

Septic Tank pumping should be part of your regular home maintenance. This should usually be done every 3-5 years. Call us to get your septic pump scheduled.

Septic Tank Pumping in progress (with booster)

Septic Pumping

If your septic backs up into your house, call us! We offer emergency service after hours and on weekends/holidays.

We are experts at hard-to-pump tanks.

Our smaller, 4wd trucks mean we can reach tanks others can’t. We can do booster pumps for steep yards.


Well Repairs: New Pressure Gauge and Sample Port

Well Repairs

Pressure System Repairs, Well housing and insulation, Vent Covers, Sample ports, and more

Septic Repairs: Septic Tank Replacement

Septic Repairs

Outlet Tee Replacement, Filter Cleaning, Hydro-jetting System Lines, Tank Replacement, Drainfield Replacement, and more