Each septic inspection is one septic system.

A system is one connected set up.

Example: Two structures feed into one tank, which feeds into one drainfield – that is one system.

Example: The house feeds into one tank, which feeds into one drainfield. A later addition to the house has a separate tank and drainfield. This is two system and two inspections, even if they are on the same property.

Please make sure all septic system components are accessible.

We need access to all components of the system including the main tank lids, pump tanks, etc.

Please see this page for more information about accessing the septic tank.

Please make sure the area around the system components are clear of brush, personal items, pets, etc.

Please see this section for more information about uncovering the septic system.

Septic Inspection Report is released to whomever paid for it.​

They can authorize us to release them to additional people.​

We will answer general questions and questions about results (but we will not release results).

 Example: We can’t answer “How did it go?” or “were there any issues?” but we will answer “The report says the outlet tee needs to be replaced – what is this, what does it do, how much is it to replace it?”

We do take payment up front to schedule the septic inspection.

If cancelled one business day before the septic inspection is 50% refundable. (This covers the prep work, property & permit research, lost appointment, etc).

Water and power need to be on to the water source and the house to do the septic inspection.

We may need to run water to flush an e-locator, check system performance, etc.

Please let us know up front if (any part of) the septic system is shared with another property.

We need to know so we can ask the right questions and make sure we have all the access we need.

Who do we contact to do the recommended septic repairs?

Any NC Licensed Septic Installer can do any of the repairs recommended in the report.

WNCIL is a NC Licensed Septic Installer and we do offer repair services – please ask us if you’d like an estimate.

Septic Inspection Timeline

Once a septic inspection is ordered and paid for:

811: We are required by law to call 811 before digging to have the utilities marked. We are required to give them 3 full business days to mark. For example, if payment is made at noon on Monday, we call Monday afternoon, they have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday to mark and we can inspect on Friday.

Request a Permit: We are required by our licensing to request a permit from the county. The 3 days for 811 gives the county time to get back to us. Some counties in this area take longer to respond, but we don’t have to wait beyond the 3 days for their response.

Paperwork: The state licensing law requires that we get two forms signed before we do a point of sale septic inspection. The first is a client contract, the second is written permission from the owner. These can also usually be completed during the three days for 811.

After the inspection, we email the report over within about two business days. This means it takes about a week to 10 days from ordered to report.

This time frame may also be affected by weather, demand, location of property, pump truck availability, etc.

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