Well Inspection
We do tests for:
Homeowner Information
Mortgages and Refinances
Buyer Information
The Well Inspection Includes:
The well inspection checks the physical components of the well including water source + pressure system as well as testing all key components and functions.
Please Note:
Inaccessible items, appear unsafe, and may not be tested. Some things cannot be tested due to the type of system or the condition of the system.
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Standard Well Inspection
This is the well inspection we currently offer:
Well Inspection
Price is per system
For details about what is included, see above
Available with or without water test
Starting at
$249+ tax
Don’t forget to test your water for bacteria and contaminants to keep your family healthy.
More detailed
*Prices vary based on location and individual circumstances
Just because water is coming out of the faucet
does not mean your well is “fine”.
Well Inspections
Well Inspections can detect signs that the pressure system or pump are beginning to fail (and when they fail, there is no water).
Timely repair
Pressure Systems are a quick and easy fix (around 800$-1200$). Pumps are a bigger repair (and usually several thousand).
Energy saving
Pressure Systems that are not working efficiently cost more in electricity and put more strain on your pump.
Well Inspection: Things To Know
Click the button below or call the office for more information on:
  • Scheduling
  • How long does it take
  • Requirements for the test
  • What is included
  • Process
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