Each well inspection is one water system.

A system is one connected set up.

Example: One water source into two pressure systems, each feeding a separate structure is one system.

Example: A water source that feeds on pressure system and one house. Another water source feeds another pressure system and another house (the water from the two systems never meets). This is two separate systems and two inspections, even if they are on the same property.

We do take payment up front to schedule the well inspection.

If cancelled one business day before, the trip fee is 100% refundable, and the well is 50% refundable.

You can pay with a debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) over the phone or online from the invoice.

After we receive payment, we can usually do the well inspection within 3 business days and the report will be emailed over about 2 business days later.

So from order to report takes about 5 to 7 days.

The time frame to schedule depends on weather, demand, location of property, etc.

Well Inspection report will be released to whomever paid for it.​

They can authorize us to release them to additional people.​

We will answer general questions and questions about results (but we will not release results).

We will answer general questions and questions about results (but we will not release results).

 Example: We can’t answer “How did it go?” or “were there any issues?” but we will answer “The report says the pressure switch needs to be replaced – what is this, what does it do, how much is it to replace it?”

Water and Power need to be on to the water source and the house for the well inspection.

If we arrive and the house is winterized or power is off, a wasted trip fee will be charged.

Please let us know upfront if the water source is shared between two or more properties.

We need to know so we can ask the right questions and make sure we have all the access we need.

We do inspect residential spring systems (springs that feed into a house).

We will still refer to it as a well inspection, but it may or may not include all the items in a standard well inspection and may include other components such as a spring box, cistern, etc.

There are many different ways spring systems can be set up – with or without a pump, with or without a pressure system, etc – we don’t know what a system includes until we are onsite.

Components must be readily apparent and accessible – we are not climbing through poison ivy, thorn thickets, etc. Components must be within about 1/4 of a mile of house/parking area. We do not locate undiscovered water sources.

Please make sure all well components are accessible for the inspection.

The water source should be outside: if its in a shed, make sure the shed is not locked; make sure its not overgrown; etc. Wells should not be buried – we do not dig up buried wells.

Any NC Certified Well Contractor can do any of the repairs recommended in the report.

WNCIL is a NC Certified Well Contractor and we do offer some repair services – please ask us if you’d like an estimate.

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