The EPA says that water with any Total Coliform or E. Coli should be treated.

The state of NC says that a well with bacteria should be “chlorinated” or “shocked.

The State rules say only the well owner or a NC Licensed Well Contractor should treat the well.  The rules also lay out how it should be treated
(and it doesn’t involve bleach from the grocery store).

Save time and money:
Do it right the first time!

When we do retests for wells where the homeowner “chlorinates” their own well, we find that these often fail as homeowners do not have the right chemical, equipment, and knowledge to do it effectively.

Some well contractors offer a cheaper service but they don’t follow the rules & procedures laid out by the state and these frequently fail the retest as well. (It’s true: You get what you pay for.)

Important Note:

Do not use the water during the treatment process.

The water is not safe for human contact or consumption during the treatment.

Do not use for drinking, cooking, washing, laundry, watering animals, etc.

It is not good for septic systems, so we recommend avoiding flushing the toilet (unless you use a water jug).


Things to Know!

Chlorination to water test results is at least 4 business days.

By state rules, the chlorination process takes at least 2 days. If everything goes well, the water sample can be taken on the second day. Depending on the system, sometimes it takes an extra day to complete the chlorination and take the sample.

The water should not be used until the chlorination is complete!

After the water test is collected it takes about 2 business days to get the report. Unfortunately, the science for the water test takes a certain amount of time and can’t be “rushed”.

We do take payment upfront to schedule the well chlorination.

If cancelled one business day before, the service is 100% refundable.

You can pay with a debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) over the phone or online from the invoice.

Water and power need to be on to the water source and house to perform the chlorination.

Water needs to be running to the house. House can *not* be winterized.

If water and power are not on when we arrive at the house, we cannot do the service and a wasted trip fee will be charged.

Chlorination works for 99% of standard wells.

The state says the chlorination is the method to treat bacteria in wells.

A properly done chlorination kills the bacteria 99% of the time, however, occasionally a well will need a second treatment.

Rarely, a well will have an underlaying condition that is causing the bacteria and multiple properly done chlorination will not produce a clean test. In that case most people install a UV Light.

The water test report/results are released to whomever paid for them.​

They can authorize us to release them to additional people.​

We will answer general questions and questions about results (but we will not release results).