We can usually collect within about 2 business days and then it takes about 2 business days to email out the water test report.

When the tech arrives on site, it takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes for them to collect the sample.

The science behind the tests take a certain amount of time – unfortunately there is no way to “rush” it.

We collect our water testing samples at what the EPA calls a “point of consumption”.

This is a point in or on the house: hose spigot, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, tub, etc.

This is what most lenders want​.

Samples can be taken at other locations (such as well head) upon request, but please note that some lenders will turn down such a test.

We do need access to an outside hose spigot or inside of the house for the test – if there is a lockbox, combo, or other access that we are granted permission to use, no one needs to be present.

Water Test Reports/Results are released to whomever paid for them.​

They can authorize us to release them to additional people.​

We will answer general questions and questions about results (but we will not release results).

 Example: We can’t answer “Did the test pass?” or “did it come back with bacteria?” but we will answer “My house tested positive for Total Coliform, what do we do?”

We do take payment up front to schedule the water test.

If cancelled one business day before, water test and trip fee are 100% refundable.

You can pay with a debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) over the phone or online from the invoice.

For wells (and most springs), water and power need to be on and running to a spigot or faucet for us to collect the water test sample.

If water and power are not on when we arrive, we cannot collect the sample and a wasted trip fee will be charged.

House must not be “winterized”.

If you are the buyer, please have your agent let the list agent know that you will be ordering a water test and that the house cannot be winterized, and water and power must be on.

Water Testing Price is per sample/source​.

If you want well head and house tested, that is 2 sources and 2 samples​.

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