Water Testing Service

If you are looking to test the physical components/function of the well itself, please see the Well Inspection Page.

Children in home drinking water

We test residential well water.

We do tests for:
– Homeowner Information
– Buyer Information
– Mortgages and Refinances (including FHA, VA, USDA)

Standard Water Test Packages

These are the test packages we currently offer:

Premium Water Test

This will test for Total Coliform, E. coli, Lead, Nitrate, Nitrite, pH, Total Dissolved Solids, Iron, Total Alkalinity, Copper, Phosphorus, Total Chlorine, and Turbidity.

Lender Water Test

This will test for Total Coliform, E. coli, Lead, Nitrate, Nitrite.

Basic Bacteria Water Test

This will test for Total Coliform and E. coli.

Add-on Tests

Additionally, these can be added onto any of the above standard tests.

Complete Bacteria

This test measures if there are any bacteria in a water sample and provides an estimate of how many bacteria in each mL of sample; however, it does not specify which bacteria are present.

Please note: it does take 1-2 extra business days for this result due to the nature of the test.


This test measures whether or not there is any Arsenic in a water sample.

Non-Specific Heavy Metals

This test measure whether or not there are any heavy metals in a water sample; however, it will not identify which metals are present.

Non-Specific Pesticide

This test measures whether or not there are any pesticides from the most common groups of consumer grade pesticides; however, it does not identify individual pesticides.

If you want a specific test that is not listed here, please call the office.

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  • Process
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  • And more

To ensure sample quality, we collect all samples for water testing. We do not accept customer collected samples since we cannot ensure proper collection.

If you are unsure which test you want/need, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your situation with you.

Sample Reports

Please see the samples of our online reports here.

You can also view the pdf versions below.