Water Testing Service
If you are looking to test the physical components/function of the well itself,
please see the Well Inspection Page
We test residential well water for:
Homeowner Information
Mortgages and Refinances
Buyer Information
Standard Water Test Packages
We can usually collect the sample in 1 – 2 business days. The report is emailed 2-3 business day after collection
Premium Water Test
Includes the 14 of the most frequently tested items in drinking water. This provides information typically need it for the design of water treatment water filtration system
Starting at
$205+ tax
Order test
Lender Water Test
Includes the 5 of the most frequently tested items for most government backed mortgages
Starting at
$149+ tax
Order test
Basic Bacteria Water Test
Includes Total Coliform and E. coli and Non-Specific Bacteria Test
Starting at
$99+ tax
Order test
*Prices vary based on location and individual circumstances
Add-on Tests
Additionally, these can be added onto any of the above standard tests:
Non-Specific Pesticide
  • This test detects for pesticides from the most common families of consumer grade pesticides
  • It reports the presence or absence of these pesticides
  • This test does not identify individual pesticides
Starting at
$79+ tax
Order test
  • Tests for the presence or absence of arsenic
  • Arsenic occurs naturally but ingesting it can cause health issues
  • Old apple orchards are a common contamination point in this area
Starting at
$124+ tax
Order test
Non-Specific Heavy Metals
  • Non specific test for the presence or absence of common heavy metals
  • Ingesting heavy metals can cause health issues
  • This test will not identify which specific metals are present
Starting at
$79+ tax
Order test
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*Prices vary based on location and individual circumstances
*To ensure sample quality, we collect all samples for water testing. We do not accept customer collected samples since we cannot ensure proper collection
Water Testing: Things to Know
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