“Special Project” Septic Pumping

For an estimate and to schedule a special project septic pump: Call our office at 828.552.5174 x4 (or send us an email)

These are non-standard pumps: more than 200 ft of hose needed, steep distance/booster pumps, contents are too thick to pump (more like clay than “flowable solids”), etc.

Circumstances that may require a special project pump

If you have any of these circumstances, please call the office for an estimate:

  • We can’t find our septic tank – even with probing and using an electronic locator
  • The tank lids are more than 3ft deep (see this section for more info about uncovering tanks)
  • Tank Contents are not “flowable solids”
  • Tank is more than 200 ft from where the truck can park (see Septic Pumping – Bridges, etc)

Please call the office for more information!