These are generalities – system differ and requirement differ for various types of work.

Please feel free to reach out to us by phone or email if you have any questions.

Standard Maintenance Septic Pump Service

Standard Maintenance Pumps are scheduled during business hours (Mon – Fri 9 to 5).

If this is an emergency where septage is backing up in the house, please see Emergency Pumping.


Our septic pump trucks each carry about 200 ft of hose. We will only park our trucks on pavement or gravel road/driveway – we will not park in the yard or grass under any circumstances.

Unusual Situations

If the pump cannot be accomplished under normal conditions, we can provide an estimate for a Special Project Septic Pump.

What’s included in a Standard Maintenance Septic Pump Service?

Our septic pumping service includes:

  • Removing the lids
  • Pumping up to 1,000 gallons of flowable solids
  • Dump Fees
  • Filter cleaning, if applicable/possible

Additional Services (at additional cost)

  • Uncovering lid up to 3 ft deep if accessible. Or homeowner can uncover – see this section for more information.
  • Use of an e-locator to find the tank – see this section for more information.

A Septic Pump is not an inspection – it doesn’t include any observations of the system.

Safe Access

Safety of our employees and equipment is our priority!

Our Septic Pump Trucks are F550 sized and have 4wd so we can often get to places that other trucks can’t; however, if there is a question, we will err on the side of caution.

We may decline or reschedule (for better weather) jobs that have driveways that are not well maintained, are uncommonly steep, slippery, narrow, or have uncommonly tight turns, or bridges that are not well maintained or do not look sturdy enough.

We do not go up roads or driveways that are icy, or that can’t be seen due to snow, leaves, etc – please make sure it is clear before we arrive (or call us to reschedule) to avoid forfeiting your “deposit”.

septic tank pumping

Septic Pumping must be paid up front to be put on the schedule.

If cancelled up to one business day before the payment is 100% refundable.

If the pump cannot be completed:

If the pump cannot be completed (the tank can’t be located, is inaccessible, is too far from the truck, contents are too solid, distance between truck and tank is too steep, etc)
“Deposit” (and the emergency fee) is non-refundable to cover truck and crew’s time and we’ll provide you with additional options (see Special Project Pumps).

Important Items to Note