For emergency pumping services (septic backing up in the house): Call our office at 828.552.5174 x1.

septic backing up in house
Septic backing up in the house

If this is a regular maintenance pump, that you need to schedule, please call 828.552.517 x3 to get that on the schedule.

These are generalities – systems differ and requirements differ for various types of work.

Please feel free to reach out to us by phone or email if you have any questions.

Please also see our Septic Pumping Page for complete information about our service.

We offer emergency pumping for situations where septage is coming up in the house or the yard – weekends, holidays, and after business hours.

Weekend and holiday service is available for our entire service area. After regular business hours Mon – Thurs is limited to about within a one hour drive of Asheville.

If its only backing up in one drain or one room, it is possibly a clog in the house, which would need a plumber.

We pump up to 1,000 gallons of flowable solids – if the tank is overly full and backing up, we may not completely empty the tank, but it should stop it from backing up (at least for a few days).

Septic Tanks should be pumped regularly. A general “rule of thumb” is every 3- 5 years (and many counties have begun writing that on permits).

Even if we have completely emptied it, there maybe “stuff” in it again after a day or two.  This can be overflow running back from the drainfield or draining from the pipes in the house. 

If the tank is full because it hasn’t been emptied every 3-5 years, pumping is probably the answer.

If a tank is backing up more often than that, there is probably an additional issue.

If the tank has been pumped more recently than 2 years and is already full again, the system is probably being over used or has another problem.

If the tank is not overly full but its backing up into the house, its probably an issue between the house and the tank, which will need a septic contractor or a plumber

If we come out and the tank cannot be located, accessed, or the pump cannot be completed (see Septic Pumping Page) the “deposit” and emergency fee are non refundable.

If the tank is backing up into the house, an e-locator cannot be used to locate the tank.

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