Radon Testing: Things to Know

Important! During the radon test.

We do take payment up front to schedule the radon test.

If cancelled one business day before, radon test is 100% refundable.

You can pay with a debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) over the phone or online from the invoice.

Price is per radon test.

Price includes testing and reporting. Each test will be one location in the house.

Radon test will be set in the lowest, finished, living area of the house.

Radon reports/results are sent to whomever paid for them.

They can authorize us to release them to additional people.

We will answer general questions and questions about results (but we will not release results).

Example: We can’t answer “Did the test pass?” or “Did it come back over the limit?” but we will answer “My house tested at 5, is that over the limit?” or “My house tested over the limit, what do we do?”.