We take payment upfront to hold a spot on the calendar.
Once payment is received, we can let you know what day we can schedule it. We will also provide an approximate arrival time one business day before. If you want/need to be present, please let us know, and we will provide a call ahead.
Days and Times are NOT guaranteed.
We do our best to follow the schedule; however, sometimes circumstances are beyond our control. Times are approximate and change due to weather, traffic, previous jobs, etc.

Days are subject to change: we might move a job up if we have a cancellation; we may have to move jobs back if there is bad weather (thunderstorms, snow, ice, flooding, etc.) or other unforeseen circumstances.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.
Cancellations & Refunds
If the client cancels at least one business day before:
  • Water Tests are 100% refundable
  • Radon Tests are 100% refundable.
  • Well chlorinations are 100% refundable.
We charge a wasted trip fee if we arrive on-site and cannot complete the job due to circumstances beyond our control. For instance, if we need access to the house but the key is missing or doesn’t work. Or If we are doing a water test and the water is not on.
Septic Pumping
We do take a non-refundable deposit – $200
The rest is refundable up to one business day before. Some circumstances where the deposit is nonrefundable:
  • The truck comes out, but the tank cannot be located or is inaccessible.
  • A standard pump is not possible due to distance, elevation differences, the thickness of the contents, or poor condition of tank or lids etc.
In these cases, we will refund everything but the deposit and provide you with additional options in such situations.
We will refund everything but the deposit and provide you with additional options in such situations.
Septic Inspections and Well Inspections
Inspections are 50% refundable if canceled one business day before it is scheduled. (The other 50% is to cover the prep work -property research, permit research, forms, etc – and the lost appointment time). Once the Inspector is on-site, they will inspect to the best of their ability – components that are inaccessible, unsafe, etc. will not be inspected. The report will note this; however, no refunds will be given based on these conditions.
Well/Septic Repairs
Well and Septic Repairs is non-refundable after the parts are ordered.
Machine fees are refundable if canceled one business day before work is schedule.
Release of Results
Our customer (who paid us) receives the report via email. They can instruct us to copy other people, like their agent; unfortunately, we cannot release reports to anyone not authorized by our clint . However, anyone can ask us general questions or for an estimate.
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