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Happy Drinking Water Week :)
May 3, 2022
Its Drinking Water Week! We offer water tests for buyers and homeowners who use a well or a spring – The EPA says you should test for bacteria at least once a year! We also offer well chlorinations if your water has bacteria, well inspections to make sure your well is up to code and....
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Don’t skip a well inspection just because the water works!
February 5, 2022
We get a lot more requests for septic inspections than we do well inspections but we find at least as many issues with wells. I think buyers and agents turn on the water in the house and go “oh there is water, the well must be fine” and that is Not Necessarily True. We frequently....
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The house already has a radon mitigation system – do we need a radon test?
January 31, 2022
YES! A radon test should be done every year or two to ensure that the mitigation system is still working properly. They have mechanical motors and just like any motor they eventually wear out. We have also seen systems that were turned off or unplugged (usually because someone didn’t realize what it was).
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I’m getting a loan/refi – what kind of water test do I need
January 28, 2022
Please ask your mortgage broker to check with underwriting! FHA, VA, USDA Loans for Buyers require a water test for a home on a well/spring. Typically, they want Total Coliform, E. coli, Lead, Nitrates, Nitrites (what we call our “Lender Scan” ).  Rarely, they will go through with just a Total Coliform and E. coli....
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Septic Inspection: To Pump or Not to Pump
January 27, 2022
The state rules say we are required to tell our clients: Client requesting this inspection has been advised that for a complete inspection to be performed the tank needs to be pumped. And then give them the option to opt for a pump or to decline a pump. Tanks should be pumped on a regular....
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Arranging access with the seller
January 14, 2022
If you are buying a house (or are a buyer’s agent) ordering services with us: Please let us know if you have (or are) a buyer’s agent. Please let us know if you would like us to copy your agent on everything.If it’s listed in Canopy MLS (Buncombe, Henderson, Haywood, Madison, etc) – we can....
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What is radon? Why should we test for Radon?
January 12, 2022
According to the CDC: “Radon is a colorless, tasteless, odorless, radioactive gas. It occurs naturally and is produced by the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water.” and “Uranium is found in small amounts in most rocks and soil. It slowly breaks down to other products such as radium, which breaks down to radon.”....
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