Don’t skip a well inspection just because the water works!
Don’t skip a well inspection just because the water works! - WNC Independent Labs

We get a lot more requests for septic inspections than we do well inspections but we find at least as many issues with wells. I think buyers and agents turn on the water in the house and go “oh there is water, the well must be fine” and that is Not Necessarily True.

We frequently find minor issues: sample ports and shutoff valves that don’t work or are broken, broken pressure gauges, unsealed wire holes, etc.

The bigger issue is that pressure systems can still produce water even if they are beginning to wear out.

Your pressure system should have a pressure gauge, a pressure switch, and a pressure tank. This system controls your pump – so if its not working right, it can run down your pump. Replacing the whole pressure system usually runs about $600-$1,000; but, replacing a pump usually starts at a few thousand and goes up based on well depth, if the electrical or piping needs replaced, etc.

A well inspection checks for signs that the pressure system is not working properly.

For more information on well inspections, please see our Well Inspections page.

Pictures – both from wells that were working. A corroded pressure switch and a pressure switch in good condition. (Note: this is an electrical component, so corrosion should be avoided.)

5 February 2022 Well Inspection FAQ
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