Where do you collect the sample for the water test?
Where do you collect the sample for the water test? - WNC Independent Labs

(For Springs not connected to a house, creeks, etc, see the question for that item.)

Our default location for collection is somewhere in or on the house- an outside hose spigot, kitchen sink, bathroom sink or tub, etc.  This is where most lenders want it collected from, this is where the EPA recommends to collect it, and this is where most people want it tested because this is the water they are using everyday. (It is referred to as “a point of consumption”.)

Exception: When we do a chlorination, we collect at the well head, as it falls under well license activity.

If you want us to collect it from a different location, like before a filter or at the well head, please let us know upfront.

If you are concerned that there is a problem with your water, we recommend testing at the house first. If it passes, no reason for additional testing. If it does not pass, then maybe test at the well head to see if the issue is the water at the well or something in the pipes.

We often hear: “But x company told us you had to collect it at ….”.   Different companies have different goals.  Well contractors usually collect at the well head as their license law only cover the well, not the house. Plumbers usually collect at the house as their license law covers the house, but doesn’t cover the well.  Filtration companies want to sell you a product or service.  We collect where lenders want and where the EPA recommends.

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13 January 2022 Water Testing FAQ
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