Does someone need to be there for the Septic Inspection? - WNC Independent Labs

We may need access to the inside of the house to help locate the system, flush an e-locator, and test parts of the system.

If the house is listed with an agent, we’ll arrange access with the list agent and no one needs to be there.

If the house is not listed with an agent, if there is a lockbox, door code, hidden key, etc to provide access no would need to be there.

If it is a shared system, please let us know upfront and we can work out access with the necessary people.

The property owner will be getting a form asking if they know where the components are and other system information. If you think there is something we need to know (septic tank location, system is overly complicated, etc), please feel free to drop us an email with the details and we can reach out if we have additional questions – sometimes we may request someone be present if the system sounds odd.

9 January 2022 Septic Inspection FAQ
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