Radon Water Testing
Radon Water Testing - WNC Independent Labs

According to the CDC, “Radon is a colorless, tasteless, odorless, radioactive gas”.  The CDC also says “High levels of dissolved radon are found in the groundwater in some areas flowing through granite”; however, it also says “Showering, washing dishes, and laundering can disturb the water and release radon gas into the air you breathe”.  Radon leaves water to enter the air, so most people test the air in the home for radon.

The EPA has not yet approved a collection method (would have to be air tight), testing method (would also have to be air tight to get an accurate result), or a recommended level of radon in water.  Because of this we do not currently offer a test for radon in water, but we do offer testing for Radon in the air.

Radon Testing
7 January 2022 Water Testing FAQ
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