Do we need to do anything before you collect the sample for the water test?

The water and power must be on and the house cannot be winterized.

Our default location for collection is somewhere in or on the house (see Where do you collect the sample), therefore the house cannot be winterized and the power and water must be on to the house.

A modern well needs power to produce water – if there is no power, there is no water. (So even if we are collecting at the well head, there needs to be power.)

If there is a gate, please provide us with access instructions before arrival (gate code, key location, etc).

We need access to the outside spigot or house.

If we are using an outside spigot, please make sure it is accessible (no gate, no pets, remove hose, etc) and working.

No one needs to be there if we have access to the outside spigot and/or inside the house (a lock box, combo, hidden key, etc)

Other than that there is nothing special you need to do. 🙂

Glass of water
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